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Modernize API to a RESTful API


I know that what i am asking is a lot, but i wish that dco and the other apcs product get some work on their apis done to better integrate with all other products by utilizing a basic but robust restful interface which i think will expand the possibilities of dco.

I have Data Center Operations managing various sites across the country and i am trying to get and update data on DCO through each sites own webpages portals which also track other site information. I will make displays with site current power, space, cooling information, add equipment to a rack or edit a rack equipment.

We tried to get ETL working but it has been a pain and the soap interface seems to only let you consume data and not post/update new one plus the xml file generated by it are note the best way to consume the data by  modern web services.

I will like to ask if there are plans or if not to consider it to ask a simple modern RESTful API to DCO, maybe if i am lucky to DCE to, that supports the basics operations of:

  • GET: Obtain information from the server.
  • POST: Update items on the server.
  • PUT: Add and item to the server.
  • Delete: Remove an item from the server.

And which can server and consume data as either xml or json and allow cross-domain request (Data could be displayed with a simple HTML/JavaScript webpage with no need for server side programming).

As an example:

API endpoints:


Would let your work with all devices/racks/inrows/etc it will let you query information from them or add a device. for example get all devices on a room with id roomId


and also limit the fields that are returned to decrease the size of the object ask for in this one only pull selected fields:


Maybe some way to only get items modified on a certain range that way a client doesn't have to check a items to update itself.


All of the previous one would be Get request, the format asked for could be by default xml but if the header or a parameter could be set to obtain json.


same format as items but for all the rooms on a device user folder_key instead of room_key.


obtain all folder/locations under which a room can be on with parameters to filter the data.


be able to see the genome library data that way i could maintain a centralized device database that other services could feed from.



be able to supply an id and obtain power space and cooling information for that id examples:


Will get me capacity utilization, max historic, maximum capacity etc..for a room


will get me the same but for an item maybe port utilization instead of space


The same as room but for a whole folder/location.



pass an id to get the information about the item specified it doesn't matter if it is a genome, item , location, room.


will give the same result as:




Also XML and Json Format please be simple with no namespaces if possible:


This might just be the answer you are looking for!

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