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DCE SW 7.2.6 stay in conflict with client sw version 6.1.1


Good evening,

I have a problem with the sw 6.1.1 on client systems and the DCE expert version7.2.6.


Problem Description:

Last week we installed new UPS systems type Smart-UPS RC 3000 RM XL.
The systems have the sw version 6.1.1 on the network card type AP9631.
The AOS as well the Application modul have the same version 6.1.1.
We detected a security issue with the recommandation to upgrade the systems to version 6.2.1

We started the upgrade on the DCE system over the known utility.

The upgrade was sucessfull for all Smart UPS with SW version 5.x.
For all system with sw version 6.1.1 the update was not sucessfull.

What was the problem?
On the smart ups we defined several user types.
The superuser apc with a non standard password. This usertype is new in Version 6.x
The user is defined per default and cannot be deleted.

We also defined a user with admin rights as we know from the version 5.x and earlier.
After the sw upgrade was not sucessfull, we take a look at the system per ssh connection.
Whether the AOS nor the Application modul were updated. We found the old version.
After rebooting the network card the system was recognized by the DCE without alerts.

The log file of the UPS showed no information which give us a clear hint regarding the problem.

The file transfer started at 22:38:14. There is no message why the file transfer was not sucessfull.
Now we try a manual update with a user with admin rights. Log in per scp was sucessfull.
After we starting the update the system asked us for a username and password.
We canceled the update and starting a new scp connection over the a login with the superuser.
The manual update was sucessfull.

After we check the device transfer settings on the DCE systems. The setting are wrong and we changed to the username and password of the superuser.

With full of hope we started again the sw upate but it fails.



In the meantime we realize the update manually so that the systems running with the new sw version 6.2.1.



1) Which failure we have made?

2) In case of we made nothing wrong, what are the consequences?
    SCP/FTP updates is only possible with the superuser.
    a) Does it afects only the version 7.2.6 (DCE) and the client version 6.1.1 (Smart UPS)
    b) Does it afects all version 6.x on the client side?
    c) Does it afect only the version 7.2.6 on the DCE side?


For your support I would like to say in advanced
"Thank you very much"


Kindly regards Frank



This might just be the answer you are looking for!

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